Cornus canadensis

Light Conditions: Shade & Part Shade
Soil Conditions: Moist to Well Drained
Exposure Conditions: Sheltered
Size: 2-6" T & Spreading
Bloom Period: May to August
Bloom Colour: White
Growth Habit: Slow to Moderate
Spreads By: Short Rhizomes & Seed

Good For Small Spaces
Good For Large Spaces
Long Bloom Time


Attractive Seed Heads
Fall Color
Deer Resistant
Edible/Medicinal Properties

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Cornus canadensis (Bunchberry) Cornus canadensis (Bunchberry) Cornus canadensis (Bunchberry)

Seeds Per Package: 12

Description: This is a tidy crisp plant with a single white bloom that becomes a cluster of bright red berries by early summer. Sometimes the foliage will turn a deep burgundy as the nights become cooler. Bunchberries make a wonderful ground-cover and are very showy when planted in groups. They prefer a moist shady area but will tolerant more sun as long as the moisture is there. Birds are fond of Bunchberries.

Found in Nature: These plants are usually found growing in coniferous forests or on moist shaded hillsides.

Distribution: Common in Wooded Areas - Prairies, Foothills and Rocky Mountains

Notes: Available as larger potted stock - pick up only.

Important Information: The "Bloom Period" is an indicator of the time period within which the wildflowers will bloom and does not describe the time period that a single plant will bloom. The "Sizes" listed are intended to be a general guideline to consult during plant selection. Plant growth and bloom times will vary depending on geographical location & individual site conditions. Please contact us with any questions you may have.