Annual Sunflower

Helianthus petiolaris

Also known as: Common Sunflower

Light Conditions: Sun
Soil Conditions: Dry to Moist
Exposure Conditions: Exposed
Size: 16-60" T and 18-36" W
Bloom Period: July to September
Bloom Colour: Yellow
Growth Habit: Fast to Aggressive
Spreads By: Seeds

Good For Small Spaces
Good For Large Spaces
Long Bloom Time


Attractive Seed Heads
Fall Color
Deer Resistant
Edible/Medicinal Properties

Seed Price: $4.00
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Annual Sunflower Bloom
Helianthus petiolaris (Annual Sunflower) Helianthus petiolaris (Annual Sunflower) Helianthus petiolaris (Annual Sunflower)

Seeds Per Package: 15

Description: This annual sunflower is has large showy blooms in late summer and will reseed itself every year. Its flower can get to 4" wide and will light up any sunny space. This is great for any sunny garden and germinates and grow quickly making it a great choice for kids. Sunflowers attact lots of attention from a wide variety of birds and bees.

Found in Nature: Dry to moist sunny meadows, roadside ditches and disturbed areas.

Distribution: Prairie to Foothills

Notes: Available as seed only.

Important Information: The "Bloom Period" is an indicator of the time period within which the wildflowers will bloom and does not describe the time period that a single plant will bloom. The "Sizes" listed are intended to be a general guideline to consult during plant selection. Plant growth and bloom times will vary depending on geographical location & individual site conditions. Please contact us with any questions you may have.