Alpine Rock Jasmine

Androsace chamaejasme

Also known as: Sweet-Flowered Fairy Candelabra

Light Conditions:
Soil Conditions:
Exposure Conditions:
Size: 1-4" T & Mat Forming
Bloom Period: May - July
Bloom Colour: White with yellow eye
Growth Habit: Slow to Moderate
Spreads By: Seed

Native Bees
Deer Resistant
Small Spaces
Large Spaces


Long Bloom Time
Attractive Seed Heads
Fall Color
Edible Parts
Medicinal Properties

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Androsace chamaejasme (Alpine Rock Jasmine) Androsace chamaejasme (Alpine Rock Jasmine) Androsace chamaejasme (Alpine Rock Jasmine)

Description: This tiny wildflower has cheery sweet smelling blooms in the late spring. The bright white flowers and brilliant orange fall color overcome its small stature and catch the eye. Alpine Rock Jasmine would be a great addition to a rock garden where it can be showcased amongst pretty rocks. Try this wildflower in small planters where its size will be a benefit.

Found in Nature: Open rock sites, rocky river banks and gravelly slopes.

Distribution: Sub-Alpine to Alpine

Notes: Available as larger potted stock - pick up only.

Important Information: The "Bloom Period" is an indicator of the time period within which the wildflowers will bloom and does not describe the time period that a single plant will bloom. The "Sizes" listed are intended to be a general guideline to consult during plant selection. Plant growth and bloom times will vary depending on geographical location & individual site conditions. Please contact us with any questions you may have.